Bantawa Sentences
1     your home where?  my home Ilam
     am  khim  khada?  uµ  khim  Ilam

"My home is Ilam." In Bantawa, 'is' (iaµ) is used for properties (color, location etc., see 3, 8, 13, 17, 18), but not for identity (see 4).
2       now                        night falls
     angari                       nampua

3       river  (in)     fish (pl)    (pl)  is
     hoµku-da      µa-chi      mo-iaµ

4      this           hen   (poss.)    egg
     oko          wachha-o          din

"This is a hen's egg;" see note 1.
The possessive suffix is sometimes dropped.
5       corn                       sow (must)
     makai                     pak:ma-li

The modal (-li) form is quite common.
"Makai" (corn or maize) is borrowed from Nepali.
6      your dad  or mom is   or    isn't?   is
     amko apa he ama iaµ he maduµ? iaµ

In this context "iaµ" always means alive, thus "Are your parents alive?"
Ama is from the Nepali
7       cat  (poss.)                  tail
     munima-o                     mirip

See note 4
8      that      person      big         is
     moko     mona     adiwaµ     iaµ

"Adiwaµ" is an Amcauke word; its Bantawa synonym is toppang.
9      face                              see
     µaluµ                           detma

This is a sentence fragment; "detma" is the infinitive form of the verb.
10      this person (pl.) where (from) (pl) come (t)
     oko  mona-chi     khada-µka      mo-ta-o

The (t) gloss indicates a tense and conjugation affix.
11         tree                   plant (must)
     sungtang                  li:ma-li

See note 5.
12       my    friend    with     meet  (t)
     uµgo    iawa    sudda    tu-achha

See note 10.
13      my    house (in)      dog          is
     uµ      khim-da      kutewa      iaµ

"(A) dog is in my house."
14         I  money earn (to) abroad    go (ing)
     unga  paisa  dup-si  bidesha  kha:µaµa

"I am going abroad to earn money."
"Bidesha" is from the Nepali and means literally foreign countries.
"Paisa" is from the Nepali.
15      night falls              sleep (must)
      nampua                   i:ma-li

16            my  grandpa  grandma (pl)    (pl) is
      ungo     kopa     koma -chi     mo-iaµ

"My grandparents are alive." See note 6.
17        my          cat         small     is
      unko    munima    chupaµ    iaµ

18         mud  (in)  bullfrog (pl)    (pl)  is
      khuwa-da   bhorok-chi     mo-iaµ

19       yesterday   my   friend     cry  (t)
      akhumaµ     uµ     iawa     kha-wa

See note 10.
20          snake (t) (t)  bite   then very hurt
      puchhap-a mo-dhok bhane saro tuk

"If a snake bites me it will hurt a lot"
The conditional "bhane" is borrowed form Nepali.
See note 10.